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Severe Weather: Storm Risk Covers 84 Million, Including All of East Coast

Erin McClam
Severe weather covers the East Coast.
Getty Images

Almost the entire East Coast and Southeast — 84 million people in all — are at risk for severe weather on Tuesday.

The risk zone outlined by the National Weather Service stretched from the Louisiana-Texas state line east to Atlanta and up the coast to Boston.

It was already raining Tuesday morning in Washington, Philadelphia and New York, making for a messy commute. Flights coming into LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International Airports were delayed by more than an hour.

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Some of the storms could produce damaging wind and flash floods. The Weather Channel reported that a tornado could not be ruled out in New England. Strong storms could also flare up in the central and southern Rockies and parts of the Southwest.

On Wednesday, the severe-weather threat should be confined to the Southeast, the Rockies and the Southwest, according to the Weather Channel.