Nymity to Workshop its New Accountability Paper with Hundreds of Privacy Officers Around the World

TORONTO, Aug. 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nymity, the leading global research company specializing in privacy accountability, risk, and compliance solutions for the privacy office, is excited to announce its new accountability paper, "Getting to Accountability: Maximizing Your Privacy Management Program".

The accountability paper has been written to support Nymity's Getting to Accountability workshop series being held between August - October 2015, in numerous locations around the world. This paper will be made available at the workshops along with accompanying tools such as a workbook and Nymity's Framework. These resources, together with the paper, help privacy officers choose a privacy management strategy that best suits their organization's needs, optimize their existing resources, prioritize privacy management activities, and create a business case to demonstrate the need for additional resources to achieve strategic goals and mitigate privacy risks.

Many regulators and other privacy professionals around the world have written guideline papers about accountability that promote the building of a privacy management program. These guideline papers provide the building blocks for a privacy program. Terry McQuay, President of Nymity Inc. commented, "The Nymity accountability paper is unique as it takes a resource based approach to building a privacy management program. It helps privacy offices overcome the challenges of communicating and evaluating a definitive privacy management program, leveraging and motivating individuals throughout the organization, and justifying the business case to obtain the necessary resources."

Nymity began enhancing its research on accountability by working closely with regulators and privacy professionals to examine what it takes for organizations to demonstrate accountability both internally to management, and externally to regulators. These efforts have now become the basis for this publication and the accompanying workshops.

Nymity's long-term commitment to furthering data privacy management and accountability best practices began in 2002, when Nymity began its research to help organizations implement and maintain effective privacy management programs in order to achieve ongoing compliance and accountability. In 2009, Nymity expanded its research to help organizations demonstrate accountability and compliance.

Nymity's release of the accountability paper coincides with the launch of the free workshop series entitled, "Getting to Accountability: Maximizing Your Privacy Management Program." Video recordings of the workshop are available upon request at workshops@nymity.com.

The accountability paper is available for free at: https://www.nymity.com/accountabilitypaper.

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Nymity is the leading global research company specializing in accountability, risk, and compliance solutions for the privacy office. Nymity's suite of solutions helps organizations attain, maintain, and demonstrate data privacy compliance. Organizations all over the world rely on Nymity's solutions to proactively and efficiently manage their privacy programs – empowering them to comply with confidence. For more information, visit www.nymity.com.

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