Precision Cmos Op Amp Offer Low Input Leakage Current and Affordability

Sunnyvale, Aug. 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advanced Linear Devices Inc. (ALD), a design innovation leader in analog semiconductors, today announces the ALD1730 Series of affordable, precision CMOS operation amplifiers (op amps) in a standard 8 lead pinout. The new family delivers low input offset voltage, low input bias current and low supply power that enhance accuracy for high-performance portable instruments. Individual members of this series provider low power, ultra-low power or micro power dissipation versions for next generation of precision voltage amplifiers, sensor interface circuits, charge integrators and other high performance portable analog circuits.

OpAmp with e-pad technology

"The ALD1730 Series is designed to provide the best of both worlds - the high precision input offset voltages typical of bi-polar op amps with the affordability of CMOS devices, which excel in very low input bias currents'' said Robert Chao, President and CEO of ALD. "The silicon gates of these devices are precision trimmed at the factory using ALD's EPAD technology to achieve the low input offset voltages and low power requirements that practically remove any loading effects on high source impedance signals such as capacitive sensors. This improves overall system precision and accuracy."

Each member of the ALD1730 Series offers an input bias current of 0.01 pico amperes (pA) and extremely low input offset voltage of 35 micro volts (µV) typical. Input offset voltages for the entire series ranges from 150 to 400 µV.

The ALD1731A/ALD1731 micro power op amps feature power dissipation of 0.9 milliwatts (mW) and a unity gain bandwidth of 0.7 megahertz (MHz).

The products are precision low power op amps offering of 4mW of power dissipation and a frequency bandwidth of 1.5 MHz.

In addition these ultra-low power op amps provide a unity gain bandwidth of 0.4 MHz and power dissipation range from 200-to-250 microwatts.

Pricing and Availability:

Pricing for the ALD1730 Series Precision CMOS Op Amps start at $1.45 in

quantities of 100 pieces and are offered in an industry standard 8-lead pinout PDIP and SOIC configuration. More information can be found at:

About Advanced Linear Devices Inc.

Advanced Linear Devices Inc. is a design innovation leader in analog semiconductors specializing in the development and manufacture of precision CMOS linear integrated circuits, including analog switches, A/D converters and chipsets, voltage comparators, operational amplifiers, energy harvesting systems, analog timers, and conventional and precision EPAD MOSFET transistors.

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