Goldman: Stocks to ride this $1 trillion trend

Zimmytws | Getty Images

Goldman Sachs recently told clients to keep buying stocks with large buybacks and dividends as this will be the biggest year ever in terms of cash returned to shareholders.

The report said:

"With the US economy gathering momentum during the past several years, many firms have boosted cash spending—a trend we expect to accelerate during the coming years. Indeed, many firms have focused on increasing the pace of returning cash to shareholders. During 2015 alone we forecast S&P 500 firms will return more than $1 trillion in cash, with roughly 60 percent in the form of buybacks and 40 percent via dividends."

And these companies should continue to benefit as economic growth remains weak.

"Firms returning cash to shareholders are rewarded when growth slows and rates decline," wrote Goldman's Elad Pashtan. And companies maximizing returning cash "to shareholders have a superior long-term performance record."

Pashtan states since 1991 a basket of the top 20 percent cash return to shareholder stocks outperformed the market with a 15.7 percent annualized return compared to 12.8 percent for the equal-weighted S&P 500.

Here are five names in Goldman's current cash return to shareholders basket…