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Lightning Round: A terrific long-term play

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Timken Co: "Tough to own that group.Just tough to own right now. The industrials, like that company, are not the place to be. I wish I could be contrarian, but I will go only for Newcor."

Taser International: "The stock really ran up, I think it's a terrific long-term situation. I am not going against Taser, I'm going with Taser."

Blackstone Group: "Schwartzman [CEO] is a money maker, what can I say? I've been behind Blackstone now, probably 100 percent, and I'm not backing away from it. I like that yield, too."

Wells Fargo & Co: "The only one thing that I don't like about Wells Fargo, is that John Stumpf [the CEO] doesn't come on the show. Because he is America's banker, and I think he's done a terrific job and it's one of my biggest positions for my charitable trust."

iRobot Corp: "I'd rather go to the movies and see the movie 'I, Robot' than own the shares of iRobot. That one is just OK. But if you're going to play it for fun, it's OK as long as you have that spirit involved I'll bless it."

Petrobras: "The only PBR is Pabst Blue Ribbon. We are not buying PBR the Brazilian kind. I think the Brazil situation is sub-optimal."

Banco Santander: "Banco Santander, I don't need it. It was a great idea for a long time, they changed the symbol from STD to SAN and I think it was the best thing that they've done, frankly."

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LendingClub Corp: "I am not big a fan of LendingClub. I think there's too many people coming into that particular segment of the crowd sourced this and that, and I'm not crowd sourcing. I'm Wells Fargo-ing. I am a believer in Wells Fargo."

Automatic Data Processing: "I'll see you ADP and I'll raise you with Paychex. A 3.5 percent yield, and I think it's a better shape right now because of small and medium sized businesses."

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