Make Me a Millionaire Inventor: 'Marinara Tower & Fitguard'

Samantha DeMaria is a former event planner who thinks she has the perfect idea to spice up any party: the Marinara Tower, which works like a chocolate fountain, but with marinara sauce.

George is excited to see what Samantha's prototype looks like. He believes there's a fine line between insanity and genius, and this idea, if it works could end up being a home run for catering halls and event planning.

Anthony Gonzales and Bob Merriman have spent two years developing the FITGuard, a mouth guard that can sense when someone is hit with potentially concussive force. They're now running out of funds and might have had to put their dreams on hold.

Deanne is less than impressed with their progress on the FITGuard given the time and capital they've already spent on production. She's looking to take the foam model and make it an actual working reality.

George finds out the fatal flaw of Samantha's Marinara Tower, which is that the auger isn't always getting the sauce to come out of the top, no matter the speed, making this particular prototype of the Marinara Tower a failure.

Samantha's looking to sell this product for $4000, with a target market is restaurants and banquet halls, but her cost of production seems far too high for George at $2200, and he's looking to get cost of production down.

When it comes time to test the FITGuard at USC's Keck Medical Center with Dr. Cynthia Bir, Anthony and Joe are far from ready, lacking a power source and even having their engineer soldering in Dr. Bir's lab, making it impossible to actually test the product.

Deanne decides that she needs to take the reins with engineering this product, so she brings the FitGuard to Bluefish Concepts, a company that specializes in taking inventions from concept to product.

Deanne takes a look at the Marinara Tower and she already sees the flaw in the auger just on sight, but she thinks there could be a market for it if they are able to make it work.

With some help from the team at Bluefish, the Marinara Tower gets up and running, bringing Samantha to tears as she sees her investment and hard work coming to fruition.

The Marinara Tower makes its first debut at a party where it's received with positive reviews, which tells George that Samantha's product is ready for her to pitch it in front of investors.

After having their FitGuard brought to life at Bluefish, Anthony and Bob go back to Dr. Bir's lab, but prepared this time, and the test of the FitGuard ends up being very successful.

Right before Samantha is supposed to pitch in front of an investor, the Marinara Tower begins malfunctioning again. After several attempts to fix it, Samantha realizes she needs to just get the investor to invest in her without seeing the product.

Despite having a very interesting product, Samantha does not make a deal as she did not want to give up 51 percent of her company, so she leaves the meeting without an investor.

Anthony and Bob end up making a deal for $100,000 for 30 percent of their company. The investors, Chris Burch and Kim Reed Perell believe that this product could make a difference in the lives of children.

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