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Cramer: Heavy-hitter stocks running with the bulls

Cramer: Heavy hitters leading the way

Jim Cramer cheered as he watched the winners battle back on Thursday. After the midday reversal on Wednesday, these stocks came back to collect gains.

"It's been a welcome fight. The Dow has been down almost every day for two weeks. The market's former darlings have taken it on the chin. Today, though, they got off the canvas and came back hitting," the "Mad Money" host said.

With this in mind, Cramer went down the list of the stocks that led the way on Thursday.

First, the cult stocks came back with fury with Netflix, Amazon and Tesla all in the green. Cramer doesn't even consider them to be leaders, as they seem to be a group in their own league. He referred to them as solo disruptors of big-time establishments that have received a lot of attention of fancy investors.

And while Netflix rallied just because it's Netflix, Cramer wouldn't be surprised if Amazon went higher. The bricks-and-mortar retailers such as Macy's and Kohl's have faltered lately, which could take the Web-based retailers higher.

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The next winner in the stock battle was Apple, which has been making lower lows and lower highs lately. That's a bad sign, though it was able to stay in the green for most of the day on Thursday.

"I think Apple is also benefiting from reports out of retailers and accessory makers that the Apple Watch is becoming a factor in the category. Talk about contrarian. The analysts act like the watch is going to be written off. I think it's gaining adherents," Cramer said.

Like Apple, Disney was knocked down hard last week over worries of subscriber loss in its cable business. It managed to claw its way back on Thursday, which was important to Cramer because it was up even though oil was down. That is a signal for a bullish theme park story.

Additionally, three other groups had bull markets that resurfaced as well: auto parts, housing and fitness wear. Cramer has repeatedly pointed out that these groups are the best buys into any weakness.

Just take one look at Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone, and that message is clear. The "Mad Money" host says the auto parts stocks are bullish party because older cars are lasting longer these days and people delay buying new ones.

The fitness wear group was totally out of control, as Under Armour roared up more than $1.50 a share, along with Skechers; Cramer suspects Lululemon could be next.

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There were also noticeable disappointments of the day, as oil can't seem to catch a break. The rails and airlines also cannot seem to rally, which is strange to Cramer, considering that the airlines' biggest cost is jet fuel.

But regardless of the disappointments, the stocks that the bulls needed to rally finally did on Thursday, along with a few surprise winners.

"This caused people to wonder whether yesterday's rebound is something that can last. Stranger things have happened," Cramer said.

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