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Cramer Remix: China is totally crushing this stock

Cramer: China is crushing this stock

Jim Cramer cheered as he watched the winners battle back on Thursday. After the midday reversal on Wednesday, these stocks came back to collect gains.

"It's been a welcome fight. The Dow has been down almost every day for two weeks. The market's former darlings have taken it on the chin. Today, though, they got off the canvas and came back hitting," the "Mad Money" host said.

With this in mind, Cramer went down the list of the stocks that led the way on Thursday.

First, the cult stocks came back with fury with Netflix, Amazon and Tesla all in the green. Cramer doesn't even consider them to be leaders, as they seem to be a group in their own league. He referred to them as solo disruptors of big-time establishments that have received a lot of attention of fancy investors.

The next winner in the stock battle was Apple, which has been making lower lows and lower highs lately. That's a bad sign, though it was able to stay in the green for most of the day on Thursday.

"I think Apple is also benefiting from reports out of retailers and accessory makers that the Apple Watch is becoming a factor in the category. Talk about contrarian. The analysts act like the watch is going to be written off. I think it's gaining adherents," Cramer said.

However, one stock that was definitely not a winner on Thursday was Caterpillar, which Cramer stated has been absolutely crushed, thanks to China.

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Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two Interactive Software
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

As most of the traditional media stocks were absolutely obliterated in the market recently, Jim Cramer remains a fan of the nontraditional media plays, such as video games.

Take-Two Interactive is one of the top videogame makers in the world, creating such games as "Grand Theft Auto," the most popular game franchise of all time. It also has popular titles like "Red Dead," "Max Payne" and sport titles such as "MLB 2K" and "NBA 2K."

Take-Two also reported a nuanced quarter on Monday, which proved its ability to put up good numbers from its catalog and digital areas with creative ways to drive sales and revenue through its use of its virtual currency system.

To find out more, Cramer spoke with Take-Two Chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick.

"We have reached the point where we can project profitability on a going-forward basis, really, year in and year out," Zelnick said.

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One company with a powerful secular growth story that just hit yet another brand new all-time high on Thursday was DexCom.

DexCom makes the most powerful continuous glucose monitor system for people with Type 1 diabetes. However rather than utilizing the traditional method to prick a finger every hour, DexCom makes a sensor that stocks onto the skin and will transmit blood-sugar data via a wireless receiver.

Earlier this week, DexCom announced a deal with Google's Life Sciences team to develop a new generation of smaller and less expensive monitor systems. Additionally, it reported a terrific quarter and beat Wall Street's revenue estimates substantially.

Could DexCom be ahead of the pack in its industry? To find out, Cramer spoke with CEO Kevin Sayer.

"We are the world-class leader in this technology, no question about it…Since we have launched our mobile platform we've received numerous stories from our patients 'Gee, you've saved my life, again,' and so it has been wonderful," Sayer said.

Jason Alden | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Cramer is a huge fan of Starbucks, which has yet again proven itself as not only just serving coffee, but in leading the way to create awareness for a better world.

And even after reporting a remarkable quarter recently and running up 38 percent this year, the stock is still a buy, buy, buy for Cramer.

Cramer checked in with Starbucks founder, chairman and CEO Howard Schultz, as the Schultz family foundation just helped to launch a massive job fair in Chicago. The effort was in part of the 100,000 Opportunities Coalition, which aims to work with employers to create jobs, internships and apprenticeships for disenfranchised young people over the next three years.

Additionally, Schultz has pledged to create 10,000 of those positions at Starbucks alone.

"I think what this demonstrates, more than anything else, is that this is a time in America where the private sector must step up. I'm so proud of the people I called; no one turned me down," Schultz said.

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And even though there has been a lot of turmoil in the market lately, Cramer is heartened by the fact that at least the aggregates plays are still close to their all-time highs.

Aggregates are companies that make crushed stone, sand, gravel, concrete, asphalt and cement for all sorts of infrastructure and construction projects. Martin Marietta Materials is the No. 2 aggregates play in the U.S., with a significant amount of exposure to Texas and California.

Cramer found that when he backed out some of the weather issues experienced, the company actually delivered a pretty strong quarter last week. To hear more, Cramer spoke with Martin Marietta CEO Ward Nye.

"Where you are matters a great deal in our business…What we are seeing is a Southeastern comeback, and when we see a little bit of that in our business, it makes a big difference," Nye said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller- favorite stocks:

Navigator Holdings: "No, no no...the world is being flooded with ships that can compete with them. You do not want to be in that stock."

Stryker Corporation: "I like it. I like that biomechanic business. I think it's good. I think that's a winner."

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