Russia bans Reddit for drug-linked posts

Russia has banned one of the internet's most popular websites, saying Reddit content has been promoting illegal drugs.

Posting on Russia's social media site Vkontakte, the state's media watchdog said a number of internet operators would be blocking the site following an article which outlined how to cultivate narcotic plants, according to a web-based translation.

Carlos Osorio | Toronto Star | Getty Images

Roskomnadzor — the country's Federal Service for Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media — went on to say that that authorities tried to contact Reddit multiple times, but did not receive any response.

The post was accompanied by a mock-up illustration of the Reddit's widely-recognized alien mascot on a "Wanted" poster.

Neither Reddit nor Roskomnadzor responded to requests for comment.

The news was originally broken by Meduza, a Lativa-based news organization run by a team of journalists who resigned from a popular Russian news site following controversy over independent content.

Meduza said the "offending content" was a Reddit page called "Minimal and Reliable Methods for Growing Psilocybe," a reference to magic mushrooms.

Concerns were reportedly raised by the Federal Drug Control Service, which could not be reached for comment.