CipherLoc Corporation Announces Today That Cipher Block Chaining Mode Has Been Broken With Results Presented at DEFCON Conference

HENDERSON, Nev., Aug. 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CipherLoc Corporation (OTCQB:CLOK), announced today that a research team led by its Chief Scientist and a team of researchers from Fontbonne University have succeeded in breaking Cipher Block Chaining Mode (CBC). Results of the research project were presented in a formal paper and lecture session at the recent annual DEFCON conference to a stunned technical audience.

With CBC mode, each plaintext block is XORed with the previous ciphertext block and then encrypted. An initialization vector is used as a "seed" for the process. CBC is used in conjunction with block ciphers such as AES, DES, DES3, RSA and many others, as part of most modern encryption efforts in both commercial and government applications.

"Since CBC is at the foundation of most modern encryption efforts, this is a significant finding," said Michael DeLaGarza, CEO of CipherLoc Corporation, "because, up until now, CBC was considered to be impenetrable and impervious to all hacking efforts."

According to the research team, the answer to this problem is "polymorphism." Such a solution is not only feasible, but, practical as has been demonstrated by CipherLoc, the only computationally feasible, mathematically provable, commercially practical polymorphic cipher engine solution.

CipherLoc© is the first of a new generation of advanced, secure and affordable encryption technologies that can be used in commercial, security sensitive applications to eliminate dependence on a single type of cipher. Independent 3rd party testing has confirmed that CipherLoc achieves essentially the same security as a One Time Pad (OTP), the most secure cipher known, without all of the disadvantages and additional resources. CipherLoc© is the pinnacle of cipher technology, is infinitely configurable and mathematically provably secure. CipherLoc© can be run as an independent program or added as a module to the program it secures and can be implemented as both a software or a hardware solution or both and is compatible with and significantly enhances current SSL, VPN and CBC technologies, but does not require them. Operation is transparent to the end user and no new transmission protocol is needed because CipherLoc© works on the contents of the packets and does not provide a "chosen plaintext" scenario for analysis.

About CipherLoc Corporation:

CipherLoc Corporation provides commercial quality, advanced, digital security solutions that comply with governmental regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA and SOX and their CipherLoc© product suite offers both an advanced Polymorphic Cipher Engine and a Polymorphic Hardware Engine.

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