Back to Health Center Urges Parents to Focus on Spinal Wellness as Children Return to School

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Aug. 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Good spinal health is important for people of all ages. As children begin to prepare for the return to school in fall, Back to Health Center of Alexandria, Virginia wants parents to shift their focus to child spine wellness. According to Dr. Shara Posner of the center, backpack safety and fast treatment of sports injuries are of critical importance when it comes to the spinal health and wellness of children. She believes that good spinal health is a fast path to good health all around.

Simple changes can yield big results when it comes to back pain relief related to children either wearing overburdened backpacks or wearing the backpacks improperly according to Back to Health Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

How do children avoid backpack related injuries? Back to Health Center chiropractor Dr. Shara Posner DC, suggests, "Children should use backpacks that have two wide, padded, shoulder straps and they should always use both straps." Dr. Posner goes on to say that parents should tighten the straps and keep the load in the backpacks light. "Remember that what is light to parents isn't necessarily light for children. Bathroom scales can be used to determine the weight which parents should strive to keep below 10 to 20 percent of their child's body weight."

Parents should also talk to their children to determine whether or not there is discomfort or pain that could be attributed to the backpack being too heavy or worn improperly.

In addition to back health related to backpacks, Dr. Posner is also concerned about the potential for sports injuries. "Ignoring these injuries and waiting for them to heal on their own can waste valuable time and leave children facing unnecessary pain," says Dr. Posner. Instead, Dr. Posner recommends that parents take them in for a chiropractic exam immediately after the accident. This helps to determine the severity of the injury and the best course of treatment available to treat the injury.

Fast action is the real secret of success as far as Dr. Posner is concerned. "The faster parents act, the faster we can identify the actual injury causing the problem or pain so that treatment of the actual condition commences rather than simply masking the pain, which is often what occurs with more mainstream medical practices."

Contact the Back to Health Center at (703) 683-7771 for concerns about backpack and sports injury safety going into the school year.

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