Town & Country Animal Hospital Provides Pet Traveling Safety Tips

OCALA, Fla., Aug. 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The team of veterinarians at Town & Country Animal Hospital is dedicated to educating pet owners about pet traveling safety. Surveys show that 61 percent of pet owners bring their pets on trips of more than 50 miles at least once every year. In order to keep pets safe when driving or flying, owners must take a number of considerations into account and prepare ahead of time for the trip.

Most pet owners will opt for car travel when bringing a pet. It's advisable to always secure the animal in an appropriate carrier, along with some familiar blankets and toys. For dogs, an alternative to a carrier is a specially made seatbelt that can be fastened to the back seat of a car. Dogs should never be allowed to hang their heads out of the window, since they could get injured by flying debris. Nor should they sit in a seat with an airbag. Pet owners should be sure to keep the car cool, make regular stops so the animal can drink and relieve itself, and never leave the pet in a hot vehicle. Always keep the pet leashed when outside, and make sure it's wearing up to date ID tags. It is also important to have your pet microchipped to improve your chances of getting your pet back in case it becomes lost. Keep in mind, the microchip must also be registered with your current contact information.

Town & Country Animal Hospital advises against air travel for pets, since it can be extremely traumatic and dangerous. If air travel can't be avoided, have the pet travel in the cabin instead of the cargo hold. When it comes to sea or train travel, the majority of ships and trains only allow pets under special circumstances, for example in the case of service dogs. Always inquire with the transport company beforehand.

"Before deciding to bring your pet on vacation, evaluate whether it's strong enough to handle the stress," Dr. Kelly Culbertson said. "In some cases, it can be preferable to board your furry friend until you get back. And if you do choose to bring your pet with you, get informed about pet traveling safety and prepare properly."

Pet owners who want to discuss how best to transport their pet and find out if it's healthy enough for travel can contact the Town & Country Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment. They can also visit the hospital blog for more information about pet traveling safety.

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