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Former Amazon executive disputes harsh corporate culture

Is Amazon really that bad?

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, responded to a harsh article put out by the New York Times, saying he won't tolerate "shockingly callous management practices" described in the story.

Nadia Shouraboura, former technology vice president at Amazon in its global supply chain and fulfillment platform, worked at the e-Commerce giant for eight years and says the article surprised her.

"The article portrays Jeff as evil and ambitious," she told CNBC's Power Lunch. "He's a very fun person, he laughs a lot."

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
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Shouraboura doesn't think working at Amazon was any more vigorous than working at an average startup, admitting it was hard work, long hours and took a lot of commitment.

"When I think about Amazon, I always think, 'It's Friday night and you have big plans. You messed up and you have customers who missed their order,' " she said.

"What do you do? Cancel your plans and take care of the customers? Yes, you put that up front, before personal plans. Is it terrible? I don't think so."

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