Connecture to Present at the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference

BROOKFIELD, Wis., Aug. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Connecture, Inc. (NASDAQ:CNXR), a provider of web-based information systems used to create health insurance marketplaces, today announced that Shelby Solomon, the company's senior vice president and general manager of state government solutions, will present a session at the annual Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC). The conference offers an opportunity for public and private-sector experts to share ideas on topics and issues of critical importance for the nation's State Medicaid programs.

Held in Des Moines, Iowa from August 17-20, the 2015 conference will feature sessions on a number of topics of importance to government agencies and teams overseeing the creation and operation of Medicaid systems, as well as those used for programs such as the Children's Health Insurance Program, or CHIP. Some of the many topics that will be covered include security and privacy, data governance, data analytics, compliance and more.

Presented in a conference track that will explore the interoperability of health systems and services, Solomon's session, "Leveraging Technology for Medicaid Managed Care: Plan Selection, Enrollment and Ongoing Engagement," will show agencies how they can provide beneficiaries with a more engaging customer experience – one that gives them the necessary decision support tools to make the best plan selection choices for themselves and their family members. Most importantly, attendees will gain insights on how to use proven technology, used already in the commercial and Medicare markets, to improve beneficiaries' engagement and health outcomes, while improving the cost effectiveness of the Medicaid enrollment process.

"It's time for Medicaid beneficiaries to participate in the consumer engagement movement that is sweeping across the entire healthcare marketplace," said Solomon. "Fortunately, our nation's experience with Medicare and private insurance provides examples, and lessons learned, that reveal how technology can be used not only to empower beneficiaries and improve health outcomes, but also to reduce the administrative inefficiencies of the outdated mail and telephone driven enrollment processes used today."

Connecture's online shopping and enrollment systems are used throughout the commercial insurance industry and public sector. The company's customers include 20 of the top 25 health insurers, private multi-payer exchanges, state exchanges and the platform used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for Medicare enrollment and drug comparison solutions since 2008.

A veteran executive with more than two decades of experience working with health insurers, Medicaid programs, and provider organizations, Solomon oversees Connecture's government solutions team. Earlier in his career, he was the director of Michigan's Department of Management and Budget.

"Today, there are over 70 million Medicaid beneficiaries and that number is growing. Importantly, upwards of 70 percent of those beneficiaries are now being directed to managed care plans, where a beneficiary's choice of plan will impact their engagement, and ultimately, their health outcomes," added Solomon. "In this session, I will discuss how Medicaid programs can apply the right balance of technology and human assistance to substantially improve the way that beneficiaries make best-fit health plan choices, while also strengthening ongoing engagement with their healthcare and improving the efficiency of a state's Medicaid enrollment process."

Session details include:

  • Session: "Leveraging Technology for Medicaid Managed Care: Plan Selection, Enrollment and Ongoing Engagement"
  • Date: Tuesday, August 18, from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. CDT
  • Speaker: Shelby Solomon, Connecture's senior vice president and general manager of state government solutions
  • Where: The 2015 MESC at the Iowa Events Center

The New England States Consortium Systems Organization, or NESCSO, coordinates the MESC. For more information on the conference visit or phone 508-856-8229. For more information on Connecture, contact or phone 262-432-8282.

About Connecture

Connecture (NASDAQ:CNXR) is a leading web-based consumer shopping, enrollment and retention platform for health insurance distribution. Connecture offers a personalized health insurance shopping experience that recommends the best fit insurance plan based on an individual's preferences, health status, preferred providers, medications and expected out-of-pocket costs. Connecture's customers are health insurance marketplace operators such as health plans, brokers and exchange operators, who must distribute health insurance in a cost-effective manner to a growing number of insured consumers. Connecture's solutions automate key functions in the health insurance distribution process, allowing its customers to price and present plan options accurately to consumers and efficiently enroll, renew and manage plan members.

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