and The Capsule Consulting Group, LLC Announce Joint Venture

NEW YORK, Aug. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- and The Capsule Consulting Group (TCCG) are pleased to announce a new joint venture aimed at helping licensed producers in New York’s new medical cannabis market take advantage of the benefits of cannabis encapsulation, including the ability to comply with New York’s strict dosage control standards. helps patients find a physician, book their appointment for evaluation, determine which strain of cannabis offers the best treatment for their ailment, and find a local legal dispensary where their medicine is available.

The Capsule Consulting Group is a capsule manufacturer and full-service consultancy serving the cannabis industry. TCCG helps organizations increase the medicinal appeal of their cannabis products through encapsulation and precise dosage control.

The reason for the formation of this joint venture between the two companies is to lobby the new licensees, who are: Etain, Bloomfield Industries, PharmaCann, Empire State Health Solutions and Columbia Care, to promote the benefits of using products from an American company who is an industry leader in the manufacture and consulting of legal cannabis in the encapsulated form. “We want to ensure that New Yorkers who are waiting to see doctors enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis program, know that there are high quality products available to them,” says TCCG CEO Jonathan Gilinski.

In New York, where the dispensaries licensed under the state’s Compassionate Care Act are scheduled to open on January 5, 2016, already has a waiting list of over 9,000 medical cannabis patients who want to schedule a medical appointment with a physician, listed in their network, who can recommend medicinal marijuana. This waiting list highlights the high level of demand as well as the difficulties that patients face trying to get the medication they need.

The New York law only authorizes a limited means of delivery methods for the cannabis. Because they offer the possibility of reliable dosage control and are the standard way to consume medicine, many believe that capsules are the best choice. Unfortunately, the empty capsules themselves can be problematic. Patients in need must be administered medicine in the proper format that will help their ailment rather than harm them. But imported capsules from China and India, for example, are infamous for being contaminated with potentially harmful impurities. This is because imported capsules are often not tested for quality control and batch consistency.

“Because we believe that patients deserve to take their medicine in a safe and reliable form,” states John Nicolazzo, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of, “we’ve entered a joint venture with TCCG to promote TCCG’s premium capsule products – the highest quality capsules available – to the New York licensees. We’re happy that we can partner with an American company with such high quality control standards and we will be promoting their products and services directly to the patients we’ve received currently waiting to see a doctor while speaking to the new licensees.”

Independent research has confirmed the high quality of TCCG’s capsule products, which the company manufactures in a cGMP and FDA-approved facility. All batches are tested for impurities and to ensure consistency, and all capsules are Kosher and Halal certified. TCCG offers capsules for any type of fill material, including standard gelatin capsules, gelatin capsules for liquids, standard vegetarian capsules, Enteric Coated vegetarian capsules, and flavored gelatin capsules.

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