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Nuclear site lockdown lifted; no bomb residue seen

The H-Canyon control room at the Savannah River Site in Aiken, South Carolina, in 2013.
Stephen B. Morton | AP

A Department of Energy nuclear site in South Carolina resumed normal activity after it was locked down for about two hours Monday amid concerns of possible "explosive residue" on a delivery truck.

Emergency crews responded and authorities barricaded roadways to the Savannah River Site after the vehicle—which was scanned electronically and by dogs—set off concerns, according to Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, which runs the facility. But law enforcement saw no remnants of bombs after investigating the truck.

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A government official told Reuters the situation, near the town of Aiken, did not appear to pose a serious threat, as the dog—which barked at a vehicle that services vending machines—may have overreacted.

Local NBC affiliate News 2 reported concern surrounded the compound's "H Area," which primarily converts highly enriched uranium into a solution used for commercial reactor fuel. The station said that bomb detecting units evaluated the site as a precaution.

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