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Office Envy: Inside Method's San Francisco workspace

Inside Method's San Francisco headquarters

It's a Monday morning in Method's San Francisco headquarters and approximately 40 employees gather in the lobby for their weekly all-staff meeting.

But it's not like most corporate meetings.

Known as "the Monday Morning Huddle," employees scatter everywhere from the floor to sofa stoops, while a staff member makes announcements. During the meeting, music blasts as an employee stands up to be awarded for a recent project she accomplished. She spins a wheel which lands on a section, winning her a gift card.

Method was founded in 2001 and designs and manufactures hand wash and cleaning products. Its San Francisco office has more than 100 employees and Method recently opened a 30-million dollar factory in Chicago.

Method office reception.
Source: Method

"We have several values here at Method and we champion those who invest a lot of time and effort in a project," Rudi Becker said, who's known around the office as "The Resinator."

Becker's real title is Packaging Director. But the employees at Method get make up their own professional nicknames. Some of the others include, "Chief Story Teller" for the actual Director of Communications and "Wizard of Ahhs," for a scientist who makes Method laundry detergent.

It might seem a little silly and chaotic but at a soap company, it's all good clean fun.

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