'Sky is the limit' for drone racing: RSE Ventures chief

Drone Racing League gets $1 million

Racing drones for sport just got a big boost when RSE Ventures put money into a New York start-up called the Drone Racing League. RSE was co-founded by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

Matt Higgins, RSE Ventures CEO, told CNBC on Monday, "The sky is the limit. I don't know where it [drone racing] is going, but it's going somewhere."

Racers wear goggles that show them a feed from a camera on the drone, said Nick Horbaczewski, Drone Racing League's CEO. "So for the experience of racing, it's like being in the cockpit of a drone," he said in the same interview.

Drones can gain speeds of up to 100 mph and races include obstacles. The quadcopter drones are about a foot and a half in diameter. "It's a sport that has a lot of crashing. You have very exciting collisions but they [the drones] are pretty robust. You change a few propellers and you get them back in the air," he said.

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According to Horbaczewski, these types of drones cost between $300 and $700.

Higgins said that since RSE's investment, he has received interest from sponsors.

"We've heard from a number of different sponsors saying 'We want to get in early.' We're still working out all the details, but the sponsor interest is starting to come inbound."

The last race was held at an abandoned power plant in Yonkers, New York. The league will release the footage of the race shortly, Horbaczewski said.