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Cramer Remix: Wrong way to play a big market trend

Cramer: The wrong way to play a huge market trend

As the market dipped lower Tuesday, after a three-day winning streak, Jim Cramer saw housing as the one plump goose in the market. And while it might not be a golden goose, Cramer fears that if it gets killed then we are all in trouble.

The averages relapsed back into international purgatory on Tuesday when the Chinese stock market took a nosedive, emerging markets like Mexico and Brazil were weak and the dollar strengthened yet again.

"When you have this combination, it's almost impossible for the market to rally. There are just too many companies that do poorly in that scenario," the "Mad Money" host said.

At this point, with the strong dollar wreaking havoc on American companies doing business overseas oil dropping lower, the only thing that is really working is housing.

The important thing that Cramer wants investors to understand is that housing has become the goose of the market. So, on days like Tuesday, it may give the impression that that the market is strong enough to power through the bad news of China.

"But if China gets hammered again and the dollar goes still higher, and we get some Fed head saying rates need to be raised, then the set-up will be very bad, and I need you to be ready for some turmoil," Cramer said.

In the lightning round, Cramer also warned against riding the health and wellness trend through Planet Fitness. The gym business is just too cutthroat for his taste, he said.

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As the price of oil has plummeted in the past year, the renewable energy stocks have been annihilated along with it. That's because when fossil fuels become cheaper, renewables like wind and solar become much less competitive. As a result, many solar stocks are only a few points away from their 52-week lows.

The one exception that has managed to keep it together better than the others is First Solar. While the stock is down more than 25 percent in the past year, it did report a fantastic quarter earlier this month that prompted the stock to rebound.

Additionally, First Solar launched a YieldCo in partnership with SunPower. The new company is called 8point3 Energy Partners, and it came public in June with the intention of the vehicle to own many of the solar projects that First Solar builds and pass the long-term benefits to shareholders in the form of a dividend.

Could First Solar power your portfolio higher? To find out, Cramer spoke with First Solar CEO Jim Hughes.

"All we have done for the past two years is continue to deliver exactly what we said we were going to. And we are not done. We've got new records that will flow through to our production line over the next several years…So, we start at the core of the company with a commitment to the technology, and then we integrate beyond that and capture all of the profit pools," Hughes said.

As someone who values the fundamentals of a company, Jim Cramer reminded investors of the dangers of waiting for a takeover. After all, the real reason to own a stock is because of the fundamentals that it has today, not because of a bid it might get tomorrow.

"If you aren't happy with the fundamentals, the odds are the acquirer you are dreaming of isn't happy with the fundamentals either, and if you don't know the fundamentals what is the point of owning the stock to begin with?" the "Mad Money" host said.

One prime example for Cramer is Twitter. Every day Cramer's Twitter feed is filled with questions from investors asking when it will be bought by Facebook, Google or Apple.

In Cramer's opinion, all of these questions would make sense if Twitter were doing well. But Twitter is a disaster. It is not doing well at all and has no real growth versus successful Internet companies and the management does not have its act together.

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David Aldrich, CEO of Skyworks Solutions
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Semiconductor stocks have taken a beating in the past few months, courtesy over worries of a slowdown in China cutting into the demand for technological gadgets. Jim Cramer decided to circle back to the group to see if it is safe to invest in high quality semiconductor stocks.

Skyworks Solutions is a maker of high-performance radio frequency and analog chips for smartphones, tablets, cars, GPS, broadband and wireless networking. It also contributes to various industrial, medical and military applications.

It has been speculated that Skyworks gets as much as a third of its total sales from Apple, though Apple discourages any discussion of its relationship with suppliers, so that figure is unconfirmed. Still, as Apple has been slammed in recent months over weakening iPhone demand in China, Skyworks has been dragged down along with it.

Now that Skyworks is down more than 22 percent from its June highs, has it finally become safe to buy again? To find out, Cramer spoke with Skyworks Solutions Chairman and CEO David Aldrich.

"We have high dollar content, few competitors, higher margins in a segment of the market that is growing quite strong," Aldrich said.

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In Cramer's experience he has seen that whenever the expectations get too high going into a company's quarter, the odds are that the stock will get slammed when the results are released.

One case of this occurring is with Hain Celestial, the house of natural and organic food brands like Celestial Seasonings, Earth's Best, Terra, Garden of Eatin' and many others.

While Hain reported a strong quarter with better than expected sales and upside guidance for the next fiscal year, its stock was killed on Tuesday. Cramer speculated if it might be time to start raising prices to get gross margins back into its earnings. To find out, he spoke with Hain Celestial CEO Irwin Simon.

"Price is not everything. I want to sell volumes…Healthy food has to be affordable, and that's that big thing," Simon said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Amgen: "It's a $127 billion company. Holy cow. No, it doesn't matter because in reality Amgen is not an expensive stock given its pipeline."

Papa Murphy's Holdings Inc: "We had a great run in that one, and then it's over. Now it's back to Domino's. That is the one that is the most consistent."

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