6D Global Technologies, Inc. Delivers New Entitlement Solution for Mobile Applications

NEW YORK, Aug. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 6D Global Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:SIXD), a premier digital business solutions company listed on NASDAQ under stock symbol "SIXD," today announced the launch of 6D DPS Entitlement System, a new software platform that enables marketers and publishers the ability to accelerate the distribution of customized content or publications to users based on certain login credentials and permissions. The platform integrates with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), a new way for brands to deliver high-impact content to mobile apps.

"Marketers and publishers are faced with the challenge of getting relevant and meaningful content to the right people at the right time," said Tejune Kang, CEO for 6D Global Technologies, Inc. "A smooth entitlement process is critical to ensure that users become loyal subscribers and customers."

With 6D DPS Entitlement System, organizations can entitle or allow their existing print subscribers, members, customers, or employees to receive authenticated access to specific digital products or content. The new software platform allows marketers the opportunity to cross-sell products and services, and create additional subscription models, storefronts, bundles, and promotions to acquired subscribers.

"We are excited to offer an easy way for customers to distribute great content in a simple, cost-effective and modern way," Tejune Kang commented. "This is the first of many new software platforms for 6D and we anticipate future recurring revenue and growth by helping our customers establish deeper connections with their customers, build brand loyalty, and increase sales."

The 6D DPS Entitlement System allows non-technical administrators to easily manage user and group entitlement for multiple applications. The platform includes an intuitive and simple web interface that is accessible on any mobile device or desktop computer and integrates with Salesforce.com, customer relationship management solution, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocols (LDAP). 6D Global offers flexible development models that include SaaS, Private Cloud or On-Premises and end-to-end solutions around customization, Adobe DPS design and development, and private cloud managed services.

To learn more about the 6D DPS Entitlement System and to view a demo, register for the live webinar today, or email info@6Dglobal.com.

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