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Google delays testing of modular smartphone until 2016

Google delays Project Ara until 2016

Google says its modular smartphone, called Project Ara, has been designed for 6 billion people. They're all going to have to wait until 2016 for the testing phase to even begin.

Developed by Google's advanced technology and projects group, the modular phone was originally planned to begin a limited marketing pilot in 2015. In a tweet, the Project Ara group said the phone needed more iterations than first planned.

Running on the Android system, the modular Project Ara smartphone will allow consumers to buy it in pieces, configured from scratch or bought completed already.

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With modules or building blocks, users can tailor phones to their own needs, attaching cameras or speakers and other features. Parts can be swapped or upgraded at will.

Project Ara is looking at a few locations in the United States to begin testing, but the company did not detail specifics.