Divers dig up 300-year-old gold coins worth $4.5M

U.S. divers have uncovered $4.5 million worth of treasure from the days of Spanish exploration. (Tweet this)

At the end of July, a crew searching off the coast of Florida scooped up 350 gold coins lost in a 1715 shipwreck, according to Florida Today. Nine of the pieces—known as "Royals"—were crafted for Spain's King Philip V and are valued at $300,000 each.

Source: 1715 Fleet | Queens Jewels LLC

The coins and other treasures, possibly worth $400 million in all, remain on the sea floor amid the wreckage of 11 ships sunken while traveling from Havana, Cuba to Spain in 1715, the report said. More than 1,000 people died in the incident.

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1715 Fleet—Queen Jewels, LLC holds the salvage rights to the wreckage. Brent Brisben, one of the company's owners, led the divers that came upon the treasure.

The find follows another worth $1 million discovered in the area earlier this year.

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