As Hurricane Katrina 10th Anniversary Approaches, Globalstar Remembers the Past and Encourages Preparedness for the Future

COVINGTON, La., Aug. 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In 2005, Globalstar, Inc. (NYSE MKT:GSAT), then headquartered in Milpitas, CA, worked around the clock to ship thousands of satellite phones to the Gulf Coast region and specifically, New Orleans, providing vital communications capabilities to FEMA, state and local government agencies and the Mississippi National Guard and Civic Air Patrol. NBC 11 reported in this segment, "Thanks to these phones and this company, thousands of people in the Gulf will at last be able to reach out and communicate."

Deputy Nielsen, who has been with the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office since 2005, does a test call with the department's Globalstar GSP-1700 satellite phone.

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Now, 10 years later, Globalstar calls the New Orleans area home and because of the team's experiences through hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Company has dedicated itself to becoming the authority on emergency preparedness communications. On a national level, Globalstar wants to encourage all individuals, businesses and emergency response organizations to add its affordable satellite technology to their disaster recovery plans and has just launched a special webpage dedicated to this endeavor.

Teaming up with Globalstar in this effort is expert on global disaster preparedness, Lt. General Russel L. Honoré, U.S. Army (Retired). Honoré states, "My motto is simple – you should prepare not just when you notice something is headed your way, but prepare now. You need the ability to maintain communications continuity at all times, should the grid go down. Globalstar provides that with the world's newest MSS network: a long-term, reliable investment with system redundancy that users can count on to reduce their response time, clearly be heard during critical phone calls and transmit data faster than any other competitive network."

Already outfitted is the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office. "We chose to make Globalstar part of our emergency plan because in our line of work, we can't afford to take any chances. We needed a reliable communications solution, which Globalstar can provide, along with superior performing mobile handsets and their new Sat-Fi hotspot," stated St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain.

At the former Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital, working and communicating in the days following the storm were extremely difficult. One can imagine how hard it was to coordinate evacuations of patients and employees with no power, landline or cell phone service. Today, the building has become New Orleans East Hospital, and one of its primary goals when opening was to choose reliable emergency preparedness communications solutions, which now includes Globalstar.

Jay Monroe, Chairman and CEO, commented, "During and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we saw a 1000% increase in airtime usage. Having recently finished upgrading our satellites in 2013, our network is the newest of its kind in orbit, making Globalstar more prepared than ever to accommodate a high volume of airtime usage should a major natural disaster occur. We hope that local organizations consider Globalstar, as satellite communications are usually the only reliable operable communications networks available, and would welcome interested groups to tour our headquarters in Covington and meet with Company representatives."

Key products for your emergency communications plan:

GSP-1700 Satellite Phone – NOW FREE

Globalstar's easy to use, data-enabled, and US standards based GSP-1700 satellite phone provides crystal clear voice quality for users requiring either coverage outside the range of cellular service, or as a source of instant infrastructure when all else on the ground fails. The GSP-1700 (MRSP $499, now FREE with select service package agreements) is the most reasonably priced satellite phone service available, with plans starting at just $24.99.

Paired with the just released Globalstar 9600 WiFi data solution (MRSP $149.99), Globalstar customers can now use a convenient app to seamlessly pair their existing satellite phone and smartphone to send and receive email over the world's newest MSS network.

Globalstar Sat Fi®

With Sat-Fi ($999), Globalstar customers can use their current smartphones, tablets and laptops for both voice and two-way data when traveling beyond cellular. With Sat-Fi, businesses and emergency responders will be able to use their own device to stay connected off the cellular grid, which is critical in times of crisis or natural disaster.

GSP-2900 Satellite Fixed Phone System

Globalstar's GSP-2900 satellite fixed phone system (MSRP $1499) is installed safely and securely on a rooftop to bring a working phone line inside that can be connected to any standard phone or PABX. The device provides convenient in-building satellite voice and data services and also works with the 9600 data solution.

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