Physician Offers Health Advice to Parents and Students for Easier College Transition Using getRx

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the end of summer approaching and students going back to school, medical practices can expect a surge in college physical visits. As the volume of appointments increase, local physician Dr. Dan Rudd offers advice to parents and their college students about how to prep for good health while at college.

"Don't wait until you are feeling unwell to decide where you will see a doctor and get your prescriptions at college," said Nashville physician, Dan Rudd, M.D., founder and creator of getRx, a mobile prescription and secure prescriber-patient communications app. "The getRx app allows you to take your doctor with you to school because you can securely text back and forth with your prescriber, even after hours or on weekends, allowing you to communicate your symptoms so prescribers can send you prescriptions in just a few seconds without having to make extra appointments, calls or come into the office."

Dr. Rudd suggests four ways students can have a healthier school year.

1. Schedule required college physical

A pre-college physical is not just something you need for your college enrollment but actually speaks volumes about the state of your health and body. Bring your vaccination records with you to make sure you are current on all college immunization requirements. The physical is also the perfect opportunity to gain more knowledge about staying healthy and taking responsibility for your health while away at college.

2. Prepare for sickness ahead of time

Make sure your family physician knows where you are heading for college even before you leave home. Once you arrive in the new city, you can search for a pharmacy convenient to you using the map feature of the getRx app so your physician can send any prescriptions there when you need them at the touch of a button.

3. Discuss your health insurance with your parents

Learn how to use your insurance policy while at college, and ask your parents what benefits are covered. If you are active on your parent's policy, get a copy of their insurance card to take with you. You can even save a copy of your card in the app.

4. Make self-health a priority

Never forget basic hand washing and hygiene. Upper respiratory Infections are prevalent among the college-age population, so make sure you don't pass germs around or spread them to your friends at school.

"The getRx mobile prescription app is the perfect tool for students who will be far away from their family physician during the school year," Dr. Rudd said. "Students can use the getRx app to get a prescription refill sent from their family physician to the pharmacy in less than 20 seconds. And parents will have the assurance that their children get the care they need."

The getRx mobile app is available for prescribers and patients in the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon app stores.

About getRx

getRx is a patented mobile prescription app that powers healthier lifestyles. It's the perfect prescription for saving time, money and stress! It connects patient, prescriber and pharmacy. For prescribers, it's your intuitive mobile prescription pad that empowers you to write, send and document prescriptions in less than 20 seconds. You don't have to call the pharmacy. It gives patients the freedom to have prescriptions filled – and refilled – in real time, real fast, at home or on the go. Prescribers and patients can now conveniently communicate through secure texting. Get in the know at, in Apple, Google Play, and Amazon app stores.

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