Reporting on 15,000+ Government RFPs per year, OPEN MINDS Enables Organizations Serving Consumers With Complex Conditions To Gain A Competitive Advantage

GETTYSBURG, Pa., Aug. 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OPEN MINDS announced that through the newly revamped OPEN MINDS Government RFP & Contract Database, the team will track and report on 15,000+ government Request For Proposals (RFP) each year. Through the easy-to-use online database and daily reports, subscribers can utilize the revenue-generating data and competitor information to find and respond to new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage in their market.

"We are excited about our updated Government RFP & Contract Database," said Monica E. Oss, OPEN MINDS Chief Executive Officer. "The service provides subscribers with critical insight that can be used to help them find new business opportunities, keep track of the competition, and gain a competitive advantage in their market. It's a great resource that can be used in many different ways to help the subscriber organizations get ahead in their market." .

The OPEN MINDS Government RFP & Contract Database provides access to three valuable databases:

  • Government Requests For Proposals (RFP) – Every day, the OPEN MINDS team adds the latest RFPs released by federal, state, and local governments. Each RFP announcement includes a summary of the services requested, important dates along the contracting process, contact information, and, when available, the original RFP.
  • Government Contract Award Information – After contracts have been awarded through the competitive procurement process, the OPEN MINDS team conducts independent research to track down the contract winners, the terms of the contract (including the defined services and the contract value), and information on the other bidders.
  • Winning Proposal Documents – To provide our subscribers with the most information possible on recent contract awards, the OPEN MINDS research team uses the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to retrieve copies of all available winning proposal documents.

The OPEN MINDS research team has been tracking bidding opportunities and contract awards in the government health and human services market for over 15 years. The team scours the request-for-proposal announcements released by every federal, state, and local unit of government that purchases health and human services (or the related technology, staffing services, consultation, and education services). Each identified opportunity is entered into a database and tracked throughout the entire procurement process.

After the bidding on the opportunity closes, the OPEN MINDS team continues their work by tracking all of the award details, giving subscribers the information they need to gain a competitive advantage in their market.

While the service has been enhanced, many features still remain, including the daily e-mail alert of new opportunities, tracking contract award information, and winning proposals requests

Some key new features that will help to increase the competitive advantage in the government contracting market include:

  • The daily RFP alert service has been redesigned in an easier-to-read format.
  • Curated listings of contract awards in specific markets or programs will be sent at least twice each week to help subscriber organizations stay on top of contract awards. In addition, our contract awards database is now easier to search.
  • The enhanced search functionality will make it easier for organizations to use the proprietary database to find specific opportunity information and RFPs, contract award information, and winning proposals. Subscribers are now able to search and sort current and past bidding opportunities and contracts awarded by agency, by topic, by geography, and more.

Utilizing this comprehensive database, subscriber organizations can save time and resources by locating new, relevant opportunities as soon as they are released. Analyzing the information provided in the database allows the organization to gain insight about both the current and future of their market, as well as competitor organizations.

By tracking who won each contract in their market and gathering data about the value of those contracts, subscriber organizations have the tools they need to determine when contracts will likely come out for bid again so they can proactively prepare and determine a winning strategy in advance.

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