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Lightning Round: It's a total house of pain

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Weight Watchers Intl: "No, I have to tell you I think they've be outmoded by connected fitness, which is why I remain a fan of Under Armour. Only buy half now because I do think we are in a tough market."

Maxlinear Inc: "I had David Aldrich from Skyworks Solutions on the show, and you come to me with Maxlinear? It's up a lot, I would ring the register there and go right into Skyworks."

Infinera Corp: "A very good digital equipment provider. Very good. I have to tell you and let me say it—Cisco is now down a lot before it reported that upside quarter. How about a little yield, and a nice stable base?"

El Pollo Loco: "El Pollo Loco is el pollo bad-o. What's the matter with Chipotle? Chipotle reported the good quarter. Chipotle is doing really well. Just because it has a $745 handle? Come on, let's step up to the big time."

Tractor Supply Company: "Tractor supply is constantly jammed, that is a niche retailer that I like very much. I say stick with it."

ResMed Inc: "Interesting company, don't see a catalyst for this sleep deprived problem. This has always been a company that people think is going to get a takeover bid, and I am not a buyer of a company just because I think it's going to get a takeover bid."

Illumina Inc: "I see you with Illumina, and I raise you with Thermo Fisher Scientific....But let me tell you, Thermo Fisher, Marc Casper [CEO] I think he delivers. That is what I want to be in."

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Cypress Semiconductor Corporation: "This thing has just been a total house of pain. They are doing everything right, we had T.J. Rodgers on, they had a big quarter and he's a big owner of it, it's got a yield at 4.5 percent. I don't know what to say, other than this market is a little bit irrational when it comes to semiconductors."

Amicus Therapeutics: "They have some very niche interesting drugs for some really unmet needs. We have looked at FOLD and we think it is a good stock. Remember, it is a speculation, but it is a good spec."

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