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Companies with the most remote workers

Telecommuter work from home

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As technology allows more and more people to telecommute, interest and demand in working remotely is also rising. The team at job listings site FlexJobs looked at data from 30,000 companies between June 13 and July 13 to compile the top 25 companies offering the most telecommuting jobs. The positions are in various fields, from the more expected technology industry to health care and education, entertainment, travel and finance. The jobs are a mix of full time and part time, and may be fully or partially remote.

Here are the top 10 companies, each with a sampling of the telecommuting jobs they have listed. Other companies beyond the top 10 include Kaplan, Nielsen, ADP, and A Place for Mom.

—By Colleen Kane, special to
Posted 22 August 2015

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