Castel CallSelect(TM) Unveils Calling Platform for Mandatory Agent-Only Dialing

BUFFALO, N.Y., Aug. 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Castel today announced the release of Castel CallSelect™, a premise-based calling platform designed to help address TCPA compliant agent manual dialing.

The solution provides businesses with manual agent calling originating via Castel’s PBX or a company’s PBX/phone system. Strictly adhering to compliance rules, Castel CallSelect™ is incapable of storing numbers. The solution requires an agent to manually dial the call, but only after ensuring

  • Prior expressed consent received for wireless numbers
  • Calling window meet time zone restrictions by zip or area code or most conservative method using both codes
  • Adherence to call recording rules
  • Adherence to local, state and federal regulations

Castel CallSelect™ includes three call control options to ensure customers speak with a LIVE agent:

Calling Agent option allows manual calling, call validation and compliance. Once the agent places the call, the agent can directly interact with the customer, or select a button to place the call into an inbound queue to be answered by the next available servicing agent.

Service Agent option allows agents to receive the queued calls, identifying inbound from outbound. Agents are notified of the connected call via screen pop and a zip tone in their phone headset.

Universal Agent option allows manual calling and call validation and compliance. Agent will interact with customers directly, handling entire course of call from start to finish.

Castel CallSelect™ ensures your business complies with call recording regulations. The solution identifies a number requiring only agent-side recording, or authorization required to begin recording the conversation, which can commence upon receiving the customer’s approval.

Castel CallSelect™ will be demonstrated at the Debt Connection Symposium in Austin, Texas, September 9 – 11, 2015. Attendees are invited to booth #707 to see a LIVE environment and have questions addressed by Chief Technology Officer, Paul Maggioli.

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