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Hot IPOs that have sagged in 2015 thus far

Google's stock price appears on the NASDAQ Marketsite just before the market close, August 19, 2004.
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This week Google celebrated the 11th anniversary of its IPO. The online search giant went public at an unadjusted $85 per share and closed its first trading day up 18 percent at $100.34. (Tweet this)

At the time, Google's IPO was seen as anything but hot. But the stock doubled by the end of the year and soon the " disastrous" start was forgotten.

Other companies have not been so lucky. So far this year, companies like Etsy, Box and Axovant Sciences have failed to wow investors beyond their trading debuts.

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The year isn't over yet, so these stocks could still rally as we head into the holiday season. If anything, the Google model teaches investors to be patient.

—CNBC's Bob Pisani contributed to this report.