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Cramer's game plan: Sell or die—market's new motto

Cramer's game plan after big drop

This week was absolutely horrendous, as Wall Street went into chaos on Friday with the averages plunging to lows not seen in years. According to Jim Cramer, this week was so tough because major big picture issues are still in charge.

Investors were stressed, wanting to know if the Fed will move or not, will emerging markets roll over and spill into other countries and is there a big default lurking in metals in oils that they haven't thought about?

The Shanghai Stock Exchange has moved to the top of Cramer's list, and has become the first thing he checks in the morning. According to the "Mad Money" host, the Shanghai Composite must stay above the 3,500 level. Otherwise, investors worry that China's nine-month rally could be reversed.

It seems to Cramer these days that "ours is not a reason why, ours is just to sell or die," has become the motto of the market. And if the Shanghai Composite continues to get crushed, then the U.S. market will continue to get hammered along with it.

"My suggestion to whoever's running the bureau of higher stock prices over in China right now? Let the market come in a little bit every day for the better part of a month or two. The gentler the slope, the less damage," Cramer said.

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With this in mind, here are the stocks and events that will be on Cramer's radar next week:

Tuesday: Best Buy, Toll Brothers
Best Buy: Cramer will be waiting to hear what this company has to say about GoPro, cellphone and Apple Watch sales. If it has anything positive to say, and assuming China isn't a disaster the night before, this could give investors a chance to buy some Apple.

Wednesday: Brown-Forman, Avago, Williams Sonoma, PVH
Brown-Forman: One of the only groups that still works right now is liquor, Cramer said. He is betting that it will work again, and if there is a marketwide selloff it could give investors to buy the stock.

Thursday: J M Smucker, Tiffany, Dollar General, GameStop, Ulta Salon, Zoe's Kitchen
J M Smucker: The strongest of the remaining parts of this market are footwear and acquisitive food companies. Cramer thinks Smucker is on a positive path right now and expects good things.

As for Dollar General, GameStop, Ulta and Zoe's; Cramer recommended investors pounce if any of these stocks are hammered ahead of earnings.

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Friday: Personal income & spending data
Cramer is hoping to see both data points come in moderate so that the Fed might declare September a rate-hike free zone. Investors need to have weaker economic news just to keep the Fed from wreaking havoc with a rate hike.

"Let the extraneous overseas markets create some bargains in the stocks of companies that I expect to do well. Or keep your bat on your shoulders," Cramer said.

These days, it is just too crazy out there for investors to buy any old stock. Keep your eyes on the high-quality stocks, even when the others appear to be so attractive on a pullback.

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