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There is now a film festival…for drones

Ever filmed something with a drone? Well now might be your chance to become an award-winning director.

Organizers of the world's first international drone film festival – called the Flying Robot International Film Festival (FRiFF) – are now accepting submissions for its opening night on November 19.

Held at the historic Roxie Theater in San Francisco, founder Eddie Codel wants to change the perception of unmanned aircraft.

"The love for me came from the visual aspects, the cinematography you can achieve with drones," Codel told CNBC by phone.

"This is a large untapped new frontier in terms of what drones can represent. It was important to focus on other aspects of drone culture that don't have much attention."

The FRiFF is accepting films from six categories: Cinematic, Drones for Good, Aerial Sports, LOL WTF, I Made That! and Student Films. A "best of show" winner will also be chosen. So far, the festival has received close to 100 submissions, Codel said.

The "Drones for Good" category aims to show how the unmanned aircraft are used for humanitarian reasons such as delivering supplies to war zones or monitoring endangered species.

The "I Made That!" category focuses on people who have built their own drones and filmed something with it.

And the "LOL WTF" is for films that are "funny, ridiculous and weird", according to Codel. Submissions are limited to a maximum of five minutes.

The festival's website said that winners will receive cash and prizes that include flying robots, cameras and accessories.

Once all the submissions are in by the October 15 deadline, a panel of judges will decide the winners. Codel is selling tickets for $15 and is expecting to sell out the 250 seat venue. The FRiFF isn't the only drone film festival. The New York Drone Film Festival held earlier this year focused on movies filmed on drones, but the FRiFF is aiming for global scale.

"Being an international film festival I would love to take this on the road. I have had a couple offers," Codel told CNBC.

"We will have our main festival but I can see this being federated out into other parts of the world."