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Power Play: Sell-off creating opportunities in tech

An Intel wafer
Source: Intel

The technology sector is taking a beating in the market sell-off, down about six percent this week. Apple is in a bear market on an intraday basis, down 20 percent from its April 28th high.

Two market strategists, tell CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Friday how they are playing the beaten-down sector.

Darin Richards, chief investment officer at AKT Wealth Advisors, is still overweight tech, but he recently trimmed his exposure there.

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"Although valuations look compelling, the sector has had little positive momentum. Revenue growth is holding up fairly well, but earnings growth is lagging as margins are moving lower," Richards said.

John Wilson, CEO and CIO at Sprott Asset Management, is very selective now.

He likes the semiconductor industry and is bullish on NXP Semiconductors.

NXP Semiconductors is higher during trading and is up seven percent year-to-date.