Omaha Animal Medical Group Seeks to Raise Awareness of Immunization Awareness Month

OMAHA, Neb., Aug. 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has set the month of August aside as National Immunization Awareness Month. This is a time when the center seeks to raise awareness of immunizations and their importance to improving health and lifespans of individuals in large and small communities. Omaha Animal Medical Group in Omaha, Nebraska wants to remind pet owners that pets need vaccinations too. Their goal is to educate pet owners about the importance of various vaccines for preventing disease and extending the lifespans of their pets.

Omaha Animal Medical Group in Omaha, Nebraska, wants area pet owners to understand the importance of vaccines for their pets, stressing that vaccinations save lives. "Dangerous illnesses, bacteria, viruses, and more lurk in all sorts of innocent-looking locations like dog parks, beaches, boarding kennels, and groomers. They can be transmitted to pets through touch, taste, and even the air they breathe without their owners noticing a thing," says Omaha Animal Medical Group veterinarian Dr. Rod Van Horn. "Vaccinations are the first line of defense against life ending illnesses pet owners can't even see coming."

Dr. Van Horn goes on to remind pet owners that it's important to update immunizations before traveling. "Not only that," he says, "But it's a good idea to do so several days before traveling in order for the immunizations to be effective."

When adopting or purchasing pets, owners should plan to schedule their pet's first set of shots between six and eight weeks old. These immunizations protect against deadly diseases, including: parvo virus, distemper, and bordatella for puppies and distemper and upper respiratory illnesses for kittens. Rabies shots are available and required by law for many pets, after three months of age.

"Vaccinations can be scheduled during any month of the year. This month, when physicians and veterinarians across the country are attempting to raise awareness about the many benefits vaccinations provide, is a great time to start a healthy vaccination regimen for Omaha area pet owners too," says Dr. Van Horn.

Dr. Van Horn and his staff are committed to the cause of educating area pet owners about the importance of having pets fully vaccinated, including boosters, at all times. Anyone with questions about which vaccinations are required for their pets or what types of vaccinations are available, should call Omaha Animal Medical Group at 402-496-6075.

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