Your Monday plan: Buy Apple, sell Apple

No matter what happens to the markets on Monday, there's going to be a lot of action in Apple either way.

All day Sunday, CNBC asked readers what they planned to buy or sell on Monday and why.

As of 5:30 p.m. ET nearly 4,500 people had responded, and the results were illuminating.

Some 16 percent of readers said they would not be buying anything on Monday and roughly 5.5 percent said they would be selling everything.


But just as striking was the interest in Apple. About 18 percent of those responding said they would buy the shares on Monday.

"Market has overreacted," said one buyer, while another enthused "BUYING THE DIP!"

Some of other assets that were most popular among pending buyers, in order of interest, were:


For as many people as wanted to buy Apple, though, there were plenty that wanted to dump the iPhone maker as well.

Apple was far and away the asset most listed by potential sellers, about 50 percent more than the next on the list.

One seller said simply "why not?", while another described the move as "SAFE."

Sellers were also moving out of:

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