Diet Doc Releases Groundbreaking Fat Blocker Named Orlean

HOUSTON, Aug. 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the world of weight loss, fat blockers are coveted for their ability to cling to fat molecules and prevent the body from absorbing some of the fat consumed in the diet, allowing dieters to lose weight without severely altering diet. A great benefit of fat blockers is their lack of serious side effects. Most dieters find any side effects to be of little concern, a minor inconvenience due to the amount of weight loss fat blockers are able to produce. Continually pushing the envelope in weight loss, Diet Doc has created new Orlean, a potent and effective fat blocker available nationwide exclusively to Diet Doc clients.

New Orlean contains a powerful fat blocker named Orlistat, as well as proven effective carbohydrate blockers miglitol and acarbose, each contributing intimately to the effectiveness of Orlean. Orlistat is used effectively in the popular weight loss aid Alli to help block some of the fat consumed. Miglitol and Acarbose both delay the digestion of carbohydrates in the body, also with very minimal side-effects. This decreases the amount of sugar that passes into the blood after a meal and prevents periods of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).

Diet Doc has taken their time in formulating new Orlean, the product of nearly a year of research and development. President of Diet Doc, Julie Wright, feels very strongly about her company's new fat blocker, saying "With our formulations, gastro-intestinal side effects will be minimized since included in the formulas are compounds to stop these side effects. These fat blockers have the best safety rating of any prescriptions for weight loss." A key benefit of Orlean is its ability to produce weight loss without major diet change. To this, Wright adds "They also allow people to eat diets higher in fat and carbs without potentially gaining weight, or cheat and not suffer as a result. The reason these are not more prevalent is occasional gas, bloating or diarrhea which are common with fat blockers. Our formulas should prevent those inconvenient side effects."

Formulated by an FDA approved compounding pharmacy located in the USA, new fat blocker Orlean comes with a guarantee of potency and purity, which is important, as other companies may not operate under the same stringent ethical standards as Diet Doc. Interested patients need merely to contact a Diet Doc representative who will schedule a simple medical evaluation. This can all be completed via the telephone and computer, all from the client's own home.

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