New eDOCS integration with Aderant CompuLaw abates risk potential and streamlines workflow for law firm docketing teams.

ATLANTA, GA., Aug. 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aderant, the world's largest independent legal software company, is pleased to announce a new integration between Aderant CompuLaw and OpenText's eDOCS electronic document management system. The integration gives firms the ability to link important documents pertaining to their cases directly with calendar events. By simplifying the process, firms can now access case documents directly from the event or vice versa. This provides an easy yet sophisticated workflow solution for firms, ensuring documents are always linked with the relevant event date.

The new integration with OpenText eDOCS provides a host of other advantages for firms as well:

  • Quickly open and view documents stored in eDOCS directly through Aderant CompuLaw
  • Easily access eDOCS documents an Outlook calendar event
  • Instantly save documents to the eDOCS system from within Aderant CompuLaw, with case and other information automatically populating eDOCS record fields
  • Completely manage the end-to-end workflow for processing Federal Court notices of electronic filing

"This release not only provides firms with all the benefits of an integrated document management system (DMS), but it also provides firms with an enhanced workflow to handle the large number of Federal Court electronic filing notices (NEFs) that firms receive each day," says Aderant CompuLaw Director, Alex Manners. "Instead of creating a calendar event, then searching for the relevant document in the firm's DMS, firms can create the calendar event and save the document into the eDOCS system simultaneously. This substantially saves time and ensures the correct documents remain associated with the appropriate calendar event. In addition, this decreases the potential for incorrect information or missed deadlines."

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