Lots of holding firm, little panic—Survey

Market selloff: Not a crisis?

Despite the sharp drop in futures Monday morning, many investors appear prepared to hold their ground in the face of the biggest market moves in years.

More than 7,500 people answered an unscientific survey over the weekend asking what they planned to buy and sell Monday, and 37 percent said they would sell "nothing."

Only 4 percent of respondents indicated they would sell "everything" today.

"China economy is cold, dollar is strong, and the rates will be hike[d]," one person in the "sell it all" camp said, while another said simply "looks like '08."

Another 13 percent said they weren't buying anything today.

The data also showed clearly that those who are buying are buying Apple.

A full 21 percent of respondents said they planned to buy the iPhone maker today, far and away the top choice for those putting money to work.

Of course, Apple was also the top choice for sellers, with about 4 percent saying they'd dump the stock today.

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