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Chinese investors: How we see stocks

Wendy Min | Special to CNBC
How Chinese investors view the market mayhem

After China's dramatic Black Monday stock market collapse, Chinese investors spoke to CNBC in Beijing about how they see the government's attempts to prop up equities, the opportunities in mainland markets, and the economic outlook for their country.

Max Liu

Max Liu talks to CNBC.

"There is nothing to worry about since I'm used to this stock market drama. It's more that I have no confidence. I have no confidence with regards to the future of our capitalist market ... Even though the national team had tried to save the stock market countless times, the average investor isn't really too satisfied with the solution, nor were the measures that effective.

[But] I feel that our country will continue to take actions andhave policies in place to ease the pressure since the Chinesegovernment will not ignore the peoples' concern ... If you haveenough money then, yes, many investors will still pay attention tostocks and see whether they will invest in it or not."

Zhao Youqing

Zhao Youqing talks to CNBC.

"Everyone needs to be careful when it comes to investment since it is risky. If you go into it blindly then you will encounter loss that could have been avoided ... You need to be careful when making investments, you also need to see if the company that you invest in is good or not ...

I feel that a country needs to follow the laws of the economy instead of jumping in to find the solution. Such enthusiasm cannot overtake what the economic law dictates. So you need to obey the economic laws. If the stocks are high then it will no doubt drop.

No one country in this world can have the capacity to save thestock market. This is impossible ... I can understand why investorsare worried but no one can save this unreasonable investmentfrenzy. It is not right to think that someone will be thereto solve problems relating to bad investment choices ... I feelthat if the stock market drops then let it drop. It might pickitself back up. If everyone tries to think of ways to save themarket then well, not everything can be saved."

Mr Liu

Liu talks to CNBC.

"I feel that given the current status of the stock market, you need to stay put, observe and have patience ... If the market drops for more than 1,000 points with no positive signs then our government should initiate policies to save the market. It's not just limited to China, the U.S. does it too ... Perhaps some of the government policies are not exactly perfect but you can't say that their actions are wrong.

In the long run, I have a positive view of China's economy and our country's stock market."

Kong Xiangzhi

Kong Xiangzhi talks to CNBC.

"Last Friday, I could already predict that the stock market won't be too positive. Things are not normal right now ... If you look at the stock market in the long term, then there will still be opportunities, it's just a temporary thing since from earlier this year, it hasn't been normal but there are still chances.

The country's support in the market is only a temporary boost, a phase. How the market is by itself is important in the long run. The national team is always trying to save the market, it is good news but its effect is limited.

I feel that now, you need to carefully guard your eggs in yourbasket ... I am optimistically careful as an investor. From theinternet, I feel the stock market isn't doing well worldwide, it'snot just a China phenomena."