FORTRUST White Paper: Visibility Into Client Colocation Environment New Data Center Standard

DENVER, Aug. 25, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the colocation data center industry, the era of transparency has emerged – and it will likely leave legacy colocation data centers that cannot provide transparency and visibility behind. While Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) has become more common in managing colocation data center operations, the new industry standard is providing colocation customers with real-time visibility, monitoring and data into their individual colocation environment.

Each data center has a finite amount of resources, requiring careful provisioning to ensure clients have all the power they need, and that others aren't paying for power that is not being utilized. An egregious provisioning error can place a colocation client as well as data center management in a complicated situation.

"There are too many colocation data centers out there that don't have comprehensive infrastructure monitoring and management tools," says Bryon Miller, Senior Vice President of Operations at FORTRUST and 2015 finalist for AFCOM's Data Center Manager of the Year. "It's difficult to track and manage capacities and costs especially for power, space and cooling, when you can't monitor them effectively."

After Miller could not find a DCIM system that was a good fit and capable of providing the information he wanted for the colocated customer, he created COLOVIEW®, a patent pending technology that offers customers 24-hour real-time access to an in-depth view of their colocation environment. Through constant monitoring of more than 100,000 data points, colocation customers can access real-time data for power on an individual circuit basis as well as their total power consumption. Additionally temperature and relative humidity data within their colocation environment is also visible and available on demand. Using COLOVIEW, customers can validate power circuit requirements, better plan for future provisioning, manage capacity for future hardware procurement, provision power based on actual hardware and power utilization, and identify proper failover configuration of power circuits and hardware configurations. Customers can now also confirm their data center's adherence to agreed upon service levels.

For most data centers, monitoring at this level is far too expensive to implement, resulting in inefficient management and costly problems for clients and data centers when issues arise. However, FORTRUST believes this investment is paramount in order to give customers access to the data they need to drive sound business decisions.

A new White Paper by FORTRUST examines the benefits of being able to monitor colocation environments as well as the issues that can arise from the lack of visibility.

COLOVIEW® Changing the Face of Colocation Through Transparency and Visibility Into Data Center Infrastructure Management

Learn more about this issue in two in-depth articles on the topic by Bryon Miller in Data Center Journal and Data Center Knowledge. Information on COLOVIEW is available on the FORTRUST website.


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