ServiceHub: How TRG's Online Service Portal is Revolutionizing Equipment Repair

Cleveland, OH, Aug. 25, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- From the day its doors first opened, Technology Recovery Group (TRG) immediately recognized a cardinal rule: when a mobile device fails to work, down times can cripple your business. With that axiom in mind, TRG set out to build the world's best mobile device equipment repair solution. Today, TRG's ServiceHub is being hailed as the industry's best-in-class service portal.

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"Time is everything," says TRG President Sean Kennedy. "Everybody is super-busy today and most of us are multi-tasking. Nobody wants to waste time making multiple phone calls checking to see if their down mobile device equipment is being handled properly and responsively. TRG's ServiceHub virtually eliminates those frustrations and dramatically reduces down time."

ServiceHub, which is a proprietary solution developed in-house by TRG, allows you to submit equipment repairs and track progress without the need to pick up the phone. It provides real-time information at your fingertips. Customers log into ServiceHub where you can monitor the status of your repairs at any time. From one convenient location you can submit orders, view repair tickets, track your shipments and create customized reports.

"Now with one click you can see the status of your equipment repair order in real-time," says TRG Vice President of Operations Nick Young. "This gives you peace-of-mind knowing the status of your repair order at all times. We worked closely with customers to see how we could develop a system that best answered their needs. ServiceHub is the solution."

"We wanted the entire process to be seamless and turnkey," emphasized Kennedy. "TRG assigns each client a username and password to access ServiceHub anytime, anywhere. This enables you to see the status of your equipment repair order in real-time. You'll know precisely when your equipment was received, its repair status and when it will be shipped back to you."

Now, if your equipment fails, simply log in and submit a repair request. TRG instantly receives your request and provides you with a confirmation number. ServiceHub also allows you to view past service history, which can help you identify problematic devices you may want to upgrade or replace. Once you have a confirmation number, ship your equipment to TRG. ServiceHub provides you with notification upon receipt. Now that your repair order is in the queue, you can track its progress.

"Your equipment is evaluated and repaired by our expert technicians," says Young. Progress is recorded so you know exactly where your equipment is in the repair process. Before your equipment is returned, a second technician inspects the repairs and carefully re-tests the equipment. After final inspection your equipment is ready for return shipping. TRG air-seals your repaired equipment and ships it to your location. Turnaround time is determined by your chosen repair package.

"We really tried to think of everything," says Kennedy. "ServiceHub has revolutionized mobile device repair. Everyone at TRG is 100% committed to helping you keep your mobile device equipment running at optimal efficiency."

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