Activist Artist Becca Moore to Perform Live in Los Angeles on Friday, September 4, 2015 at 9pm

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Made in France and born again Californian, musician, screenwriter and activist Becca Moore left the glamour of Paris for the glitz of L.A. to expand the reach of her voice. She is guided by the belief that, to reference the great Gil Scott-Heron, one of her heroes, "the Revolution should now be televised on all possible screens". Her powerful lyrics and vibrant tunes address many issues close to her heart, reviving the beautiful conscious flame and the raw, organic sounds of the 70s. While paying homage to other idols of hers, such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones, she is finding her fiercely unique voice on the American scene by blending music and TV fiction.

"My songs are all inspired by and tailored for "Soultown Super", the working title of a television drama series that I would describe as a "subtle musical". Each episode culminates in a song, which is announced throughout the first 40 minutes of the show by sophisticated instrumental scoring. When the tune and lyrics are finally revealed, the audience reaches a higher level of connection with the emotional content and progressive message of both the story and its theme song."
Becca created her Soultown Super project, as well as her second concept for a dramedy series entitled "Off The Rez", in the hopes of reaching an audience hungry for meaningful, high quality content that is both entertaining and nourishing for the soul. She feels a responsibility to use her keen foreign eye and exceptional talents to spread the word about America's most pressing issues, as well as the global emergencies we're facing.

"When I look at American history, what pains me the most is that we still need to explain today, in 2015, why Native and Black lives matter, and how much women are still oppressed on so many levels. I also look at the bigger picture and realize that the ecological and spiritual crisis the whole world is facing can only be solved by raising awareness to our divine essence. But we are conditioned to glorify pain as a source of inspiration and condemn self-love as narcissistic. But only love will set us all free, and you can't live it if you don't feel it for yourself. I know that now because I've experienced some incredible healing. I have so much love, hope, joy and gratitude to share!"

Becca is passionate about spreading her social and spiritual messages through a festive, uplifting, colorful live show. On September 4, she will premiere "Shades Of Green", a poignant anthem for the planet that pays tribute to Marvin Gaye's "Mercy, Mercy Me." Becca picked her musicians among the brightest rising stars and seasoned jazz talents alike, as she feels that diversity of culture, age and experience is key to her unique brand of funky soul music. The 7 piece band, complete with trumpet, alto flute and tenor sax, is up for the challenge and ready to play their hearts out in the name of love, nature, hope and justice in America and beyond.


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About Becca Moore

Though a newcomer on the L.A. scene, Becca Moore has been a consummate performer since she won her first singing competition in Nantes, France at age 4. Raised on Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and all kinds of religious music, including American Gospel, she was the soloist of a popular choir that performed intensely and even toured abroad. She also formed a jazz quintet and performed her original material in Paris and eventually New York, after completing her Master's in English and American literature with the highest honors and graduated from an equally prestigious Parisian acting school. Read full bio here.

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