Make Me a Millionaire Inventor: 'Glo Blades' & 'Sweetbot' 3-D Cake Decorator'

Deanne meets Ralph, the inventor of Glo-Blades, a light up attachment that illuminates the ice as someone skates. It comes with a glove that controls the lights wirelessly.

Ralph shows Deanne the business plan. Deanne has some concerns and notices that Ralph refuses to hear any criticism about Glo-Blades.

George meets Travis, the inventor of the 3D Cake Decorator, which is like a 3D printer, but instead of plastic, it uses frosting to decorate cakes.

Travis wants to go after the consumer market and sell it for $900. George explains that $900 is an unrealistic price point for consumers and that he should go after small bakeries and grocery store bakeries instead.

To get a better idea of the commercial market, George heads to Irene's Bakery. Irene, the owner, explains that something like the 3D Cake Decorator would be useful because it would save time.

Deanne has the Bluefish engineering team work on a self-contained unit for Glo-Blades with a slimmer glove. Ralph is extremely impressed when he sees the updated prototype.

As far as the 3D Cake Decorator prototype goes, Martin, the head engineer, explains that frosting is difficult to work with, and that this prototype is just a starting point and nowhere near a final product.

George and Travis take the 3D Cake Decorator to a grocery store bakery to see what the reaction is. Overall, people seemed to be curious and excited about it.

Deanne and Ralph take the Glo-Blades to the ice rink to see what kids and ice skating professionals think. Overall, both groups are impressed by the lights but have issues with the glove.

During Travis' pitch to potential investors, the 3-D Cake Decorator hits a snafu, and doesn't properly print out the design. The investors explain that they have concerns about the machine, the business model, and the price structure.

However, despite the concerns, the investors think that the potential value proposition is very strong. They make a deal for $300,000 for 25 percent equity.

At the Glo-Blades pitch, the potential investors are impressed by the lights and Ralph's passion but have issues with the $69.95 retail price point. They think it's too high for an impulse product. They also have concerns with Ralph.

Despite the concerns, the investors see potential in Glo-Blades and offer a deal of $50,000 for 51 percent equity. Ralph accepts. Ralph explains to the camera that he's excited to get Glo-Blades into the marketplace.

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