Point-of-Sale Intelligence

  • Imbera continues to revolutionize its product offerings, and is launching two new innovative projects that benefit its customers' value chain.
  • Imbera Link® has been developed to lower the hidden Total Cost of Ownership of refrigeration equipment, while Polaris® helps to improve product prospecting at the point of sale.

Monterrey, N.L, Mexico, Aug. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Imbera and our creative research agency INDICA continuously seek to find innovative solutions. As a result of these efforts, we are rolling out two new offerings: Imbera Link® and Polaris® to satisfy our customers' needs to enhance their cooler control and have a better control over their cooling equipment at the point of sale.

This pioneering initiative includes two independent services that offer operational, commercial and marketing management benefits across the value chain and during the entire life cycle of customers' coolers, while also optimizing equipment operations in the field.

These innovative services can be monitored through a specific platform that can host one or both control sets depending on customer needs.

Imbera Link® is a breakthrough project that has no other related and economically viable solution in the market today. It focuses on reducing the hidden Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of refrigeration equipment, allowing customers to access real-time information and optimizing cooler performance at the point of sale.

The main benefits of this comprehensive solution include reduced equipment loss, enhanced sales productivity, interconnection between coolers, equipment data analytics, and automatic report generation.

In addition, there is a significant market need for greater precision in prospecting and forecasting strategic routes with more efficient and profitable resources on the basis of data obtained at the point of sale.

Polaris® was created to fill this gap. It is a project that is based on a proven methodology that allows customers to optimize the presence of their furniture, point of sale materials, communication, and marketing strategies. Polaris® operates through a diagnosis of point-of-sale execution, generating prospections that guide customers' penetration and expansion strategies, while also monitoring the point of sale adaptation and evolution.

Market research for this product is based on a sampling (that will become a census) to analyze and diagnose the different variables and indicators related to customers' point-of-sale marketing strategies.

The main point-of-sale indicators measured include: exterior communication, business niches, number of access points, local geo referencing, product offerings, competition, etc.

Brand indicators include: planogram compliance, pricing communications, accessibility, competition characteristics, stock levels in refrigeration equipment, among others.

As explained above, these two projects can operate autonomously or interact with one another; in the latter case providing access to a total solution.

Imbera continues developing solutions specifically designed to satisfy customer needs through innovations that translate into tangible benefits for their value chain.


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About Imbera

Imbera is the worldwide leader in commercial refrigeration, that has been dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of commercial coolers since 1941. Exports its products to 45 different countries around the world, has three production facilities, in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia; sales offices in eight countries and maintenance services in nine. Imbera is the only company that offers both sale and maintenance service of commercial coolers throughout the American continent.

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