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Cramer game plan: Prep for more selloff next week

Cramer game plan: Prep for more selloff next week

After the total chaos and volatile nature of the market this week, Jim Cramer can't blame investors who have lost faith in stocks, but he urged them not to give up.

"Here I am telling you, yet again, that if you protect yourself with limit orders, if you use weakness to put some of your capital to work, not run from the market, you can use your money to make money in stocks, and that's not something you can say about cash," the "Mad Money" host said.

The market is now faced with the end of the Fed's period of accommodation, and it could happen as soon as next month. And unless China totally implodes or there is some horrendous credit event that brings down brokerages around the world, Cramer is tempted to say to just get the rate hike over with so investors can go back to focusing on the fundamentals of companies.

Until then, the market will hang on every word about the Fed, and it will only get worse before it gets better. With this in mind, Cramer shared his game plan of events and stocks he will be watching next week.

Monday: Chicago Purchasing Managers Report
The Fed is looking for any sign that proves that the economy is strong enough to handle a rate hike. Cramer wants a barnburner number north of 54, but anything that shows new weakness will be viewed as positive.

Tuesday: Dollar Tree, Ambarella
Ambarella: This is a super company with a supercharged stock. Cramer likes the company, but thinks that the stock will not work in a difficult environment. It's perfect in a bull market but disastrous in a bear market.

Wednesday: G-III, Oil inventories, Five Below
Oil inventories: If the inventory soars, as Cramer thinks it will, that could end any hopes of an oil rally, especially if there's no news out of Saudi Arabia this weekend.

"You might want to trim some oil-related funds or individual oil stocks ahead of this number," Cramer said.

Thursday: Campbell Soup, Medtronic, Verifone, Joy Global
Medtronic: This was one of the last companies to convert to overseas tax status earlier this year. Cramer thinks it will report a great quarter.

Joy Global: This company is highly linked to China and makes mining equipment, which is a dying industry. Cramer wants investors to listen to the China part of the conference call because it could be a window into the People's Republic.

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Friday: Nonfarm payroll report
Cramer considers this to be the single most important piece of domestic data before the Fed's open market committee meeting on Sept. 15 and 16.

If the market is strong going into this number and there is strong job creation and no turmoil overseas, then Cramer expects to hear an outcry from members of the Fed that the Fed's hand is forced. That means the market could tank when this happens.

The "Mad Money" host added that the wrong set of circumstances could brew up and investors could see a retest of the wild roller coaster that the market went on this week.

"If the employment report causes a gigantic selloff, you'll get another opportunity to put some real money to work. And if you missed your chance earlier this week, you just might have to take it," Cramer said.

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