AppYea is Ready to Launch Suite of Gaming Apps for Apples' iOS Platform

FORT WORTH, Texas, Aug. 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- APPYEA (OTCQB:APYP) announces its formal plans to launch a series of 16 new games to its gaming portfolio, 9 of which that will be for the new iWatch and 7 for the iOS platform. The company plans to launch each of the 16 apps as they're finished and sent to Apple for approval.

Apple is expected to sell roughly 21 million iWatches by 2016 and with its two new iPhone 6 models breaking sales records the iOS platform is still the number one opportunity platform for app developers. Apple released The App Effect ( to illustrate how important and how far apps have changed the direction of the world with the help of independent app developers.

The global mobile gaming market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 21.39 percent from 2014-2019. Smart mobile devices have seen huge demands in gaming platforms. The diverse connectivity options available on these devices like 4G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are helping them edge-out laptops as sought-after platforms. "More than 60 percent of users play games on their mobile devices on a daily basis and nearly 65 percent of the money spent on smartphones and tablets is for gaming purposes."

AppYea CEO Jackie D. Williams Jr stated, "We're proud to take part in the rapid advancement that is happening in mobile applications. We're seeing apps bring more and more new innovations to our world almost daily. The launch of these new gaming applications will offer in-app purchases, so that the avid gamer can have a better playing experience."

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