Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Treated by Dessau Veterinary Clinic

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Help is on the way for owners of aging dogs concerned with canine cognitive dysfunctional symptoms. According to the Dessau Veterinary Clinic servicing North Austin, Pflugerville and the surrounding areas of Texas, a new feeding regime has revealed new hope for families caring for older pets. When using Purina Bright Minds OTC formula diet, or Hills B/D Rx Diet in combination with Neutricks supplement, positive results that are helping with cognitive canine dysfunction make a different in an aging dogs quality of life when symptoms are caught early on.

Recently, veterinarian Dr. Kellee K. Campbell explained that if dog owners start to see a change in the behaviors of their pets after age 8 years old, such as wandering aimlessly, confusion, not going to the opening side of the door or forgetting why they were going outside, often urinating or defecating indoors just after being outside; these could be signs of canine cognitive disorder and the Dessau Veterinary Clinic team can help.

"There are some prescriptions designed to slow symptoms, but recently we have been starting older dogs on a diet that has shown positive effects when caught early. Using a specific diet of Purina Bright Minds OTC, or HIlls B/d Rx Diet combined with the Neutricks supplement is a non-drug alternative to reduce symptoms often associated with canine aging," stated Dr. Campbell.

Often owners of dogs that have been life-long, loving family members or service dogs begin to see behaviors not normal to their usual routine. In addition to repetitive behaviors such as waiting at the wrong side of the door to be let out, roaming around the yard forgetfully or having accidents inside the home, some older dogs show memory deficits like not recognizing family members, sleeping more, less attentive when awake and less responsive to normal commands.

Dr. Campbell warns, "Do not dismiss these behaviors as typical because your dog is getting older. New treatments will have the best effects on canine dysfunctional symptoms when caught early. Call your vet as soon as possible for a physical and screening, this could benefit your dog's ability to become more active in the family experience and extend their quality of life."

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