All about the Benjamins: Mayweather fills suitcase with $

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Getty Images

It's been a while since Floyd "Money" Mayweather last reminded the public of his wealth—and by a while we mean about a week—but the millionaire boxer decided to change that with an Instagram video that showed him filling up a suitcase with hundred-dollar bills.

"When I travel I don't pack clothes. I only pack Benjamins," the boxing champ wrote on Monday.

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Mayweather was named the world's highest-paid athlete this year, a title he's held for three out of the last four years, after he raked in $300 million in earnings, according to Forbes.

Mayweather never misses a chance to show his 8 million Instagram followers why he refers to his entourage as "The Money Team." His Instagram page is loaded with images of flashy diamonds, expensive cars and, of course, his private jet, which he's dubbed Air Mayweather.