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Lightning Round: Oil stock that already bottomed


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Disney: "I think if you take a year long view of it, I think you will do a lot better than you would do a day long. For the people who are really pinpoint traders, I think the stock can go back to $94 or $95. But if you look at it over the long-term I don't even know you'll know the difference."

Noble Corp: "I think Noble Corp has just been crushed. It's already down so much, I would not sell that stock. It's just been horrendous. It's up 30 percent from the bottom but big deal, it was at $13. Don't touch it."

Mallinckrodt PLC: "They paid too much money when they bought Questcor. This is what this is about. They spent way too much, and now people are worried about their one drug and you have to wait until this thing bottoms. It has not bottomed yet, it keeps going lower."

Lululemon: "I think LULU is doing well. I think it's a good franchise, it has not been diminished. Remember Under Armour is doing well, Nike is doing well. This is kind of a bull market within an overall bear market in apparel."

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Emerson Electric: "I can't have you sell Emerson with a 4 percent yield. This company is emblematic of a whole group of companies in this market. Large industrials that are doing very badly now that can do better a year to two years from now. But with a 4 percent yield, no I would not sell Emerson."

Flotek Industries: "That stock bottomed a long time ago. This company has fracking fluid that makes it so you save. And I think that FTK is again one of the oil stocks that has bottomed."

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