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These could be the ultimate hideout stocks: Technician

These could be the ultimate hideout stocks: Technician
A perfect hideout stock
Market flashing a buy sign?

As investors grapple with whether or not to buy the proverbial dip, one highly regarded technician appears to have found a group of stocks that is impervious to the market's wild swings.

Carter Worth of Cornerstone Macro says he has identified eight stocks in the S&P 500 that have managed to post positive returns over the past week, month, two months, three months and six months.

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"There are very few stocks that have managed a stunt to not be down in this kind of market, meaning no one has sold them, they didn't attract anyone's margin calls or fear." Worth said Friday on CNBC's "Options Action." As of that day's close, he noted, "very few stocks remain in identifiable uptrends."

The eight names Worth identified are AGL Resources, Cameron International, Expeditors International, Netflix, Nvidia, Royal Caribbean, Signet Jewelers and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Shares of each of those companies are up a respective 11, 30, 10, 135, 12, 7, 8 and 11 percent on the year.

On an even broader scale, Worth noted that of the entire Russell 3000 index a mere 2 percent have been able to stay positive while the market has been plagued with volatility.

According to Worth, one of those stocks has the potential to keep going: Sprint.

"The pattern in my eye has all the look and feel of a bearish-to-bullish reversal," said Cornerstone Macro's head of technical analysis. Shares of the once beaten-down telecom company are up more than 11 percent in the past week and 24 percent year to date.

Worth's chart work suggests that Sprint is in a bottoming process, as the stock has recently crossed above its long-term downtrend and could rally another 16 percent from its current level.

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Despite seeing a glimmer of hope in an otherwise grim picture, Worth added that he would contend that "this is a time to postpone all new buying."

The markets started the week off lower. The S&P 500 and Russell 3000 were both down modestly late morning Monday.