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Samsung's new sleep tracker starts your coffee machine

Samsung's nifty new products

Samsung's next generation of connected appliances has hit shelves in the United States as part of the tech giant's push into 'smart homes.'

Among the new devices are a new kind of sleep tracker, and an upgraded hub that lets you control "smart home" appliances through your phone.

The SmartThings Hub—which Samsung announced on Wednesday at the IFA 2015 conference in Berlin—connects with nearly 200 compatible devices such as phones, speakers and lights. It also comes integrated with GitHub, an open-source developer community.

The Hub records video and monitors motion, lasting up to 10 hours on a battery in case of power outages, according to Samsung. It only records video when sensors detect motion. The Hub can also handle some tasks without a internet connection.

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The Hub retails for $99 in the U.S., and additional sensors range from $30 to $55.

JUNG YEON-JE | AFP | Getty Images

Samsung also released a new sleep tracker, calling it SleepSense. Instead of being attached to a wearable or smartwatch, this tracker is a flat disc that users slip under a pillow.

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The device senses when a user falls asleep and then measures heart rate and breathing.

What's more, SleepSense connects to other devices after you've fallen asleep. That means it can send signals to turn off the TV, lower the AC and turn on the coffee machine when you've woken up, Samsung said.

Samsung hasn't yet offered any details on price or on a U.S. release date.